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Building and Staircase Modules

Building and Staircase Modules


We need to make some space, so have 2 each of the following  available:


- Hallway/Storage modules

- Staircase modules c/w glass ballustrade 


These are steel framed with concrete syrofoam paneled walls, floor and ceiling. 


They are being sold on an 'as is' basis with priority to someone who will take all and sooner rather than later! 


Originally part of a 2 story apartment complex.  Original configration is shown on the drawings but they could be configured side by side.  The construction materials have high energy efficiency and BAL ratings.  There are no roof components included.  


$5,000 (Negotiable) per module, including transport within 150kms.  This excludes crane cost if the 2 story configuration is maintained. 


Buyer could also arrange transport themselves - they require a low loader.  Price amended according to number of modules purchased. 


Price negotiable, quick sale prefered.  cannot help with extended storage or any building permit on this occassion (time restraints, but happy to provide any information we have) contact Andrew on 0417 910 128 to arrange viewing in our Naval Base 6165 yard.


Make decent office, storage space, tack room, sleep out or to incorprate into a new or existing building project. 

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