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Second Story Pods

With blocks getting smaller and houses getting more expensive, people are starting to think - Going up is the most cost effective way to get more space without losing yard space or relocating all together. 

Second story pods are a great alternative to building from scratch onsite.  These pods are built quickly (in comparison) off site and craned in.  You leave for work from your single story home and return to a two story, personal palace - its that fast!

We are being kept busy with the deliveries of these pods as they become more and more popular.  Averaging 4-6 per month with Summit Homes alone, but still not tiring from seeing how seamlessly these little beauties slot into place. 

If you would like to learn more about second story pods, or other cost effective ways to get more room, contact Andrew today.  His chats are free but the advice he can give you may prove very valuable!



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