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Mosman Park to Margaret River

In May and June 2018 we moved a beautiful weatherboard house all the way from Mosman Park to Margaret River.


This particular house did contain asbestos (we are licenced asbestos removers, in case you were wondering), the home was then cut into two sections, given a temporary roof to keep dry where we'd made it a little shorter - for legal transportation, stumping and rejoining. 


We also required a Western Power Escort to help us lift some power lines along the way and Main Roads to make our trip as quick as possible, with green lights all the way!


The process was captured and reported by the Post newspaper, so everyone in the area that might have seen us slowly making our way out of Mosman Park, was able to read where it was going to call home and satisfy their curiosity of how it was done.   


This is another great example of how easy we can make it for you to move your home (or a building you'd always envisaged home to be), to its new forever site!  If you are looking for a sea change, get in contact with Andrew today and ask what homes we have available!

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