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  • Specialising in building transport and relocation - new and old buildings, residential and commercial

  • Purchase, sales and consignment sales of new and used concrete, steel and timber base transportables, park homes and second storey pods 

  • Source used buildings to suit your needs 

  • Consultancy for your building relocation project 

  • Licensed asbestos removal and recladding

  • Craning jacking or rolling buildings

  • All aspects of heritage house and buildings renovation, improvements and relocation

  • Renovations, alterations and extensions to transportable buildings

  • Registered Builder with full insurance from start to finish

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Getting Rid of your Transportables

Demolition costs can run into the tens of thousands!  We will remove your unused buildings for free, may pay you for them or can sell on consignment - all great alternatives to knocking over a perfectly good building.  

Transport of New Buildings

All types of new buildings including holiday houses, northwest mining dongas, northwest cyclonic residential homes, farm house, games rooms two storey pods. If you can build it Nylund House Transporters can move it.

Relocation of Used Buildings


We love moving second hand buildings. Old asbestos houses can be saved from the demolition ball, transportables on the farm, site offices, lunch rooms, granny flats, dongas, schools and even churches.
We can move your building 10m or 10,000kms, there is no distance or job too big or small.  We service all areas of WA from Wheatbelt to Pilbara, bush to beach and Metro to Country.

Custom Renovations

We can easily alter your transportable house, by removing walls adding verandas and french doors until you don't recognise your own home.  It's easy to completely transform your plain looking fibro or asbestos clad house into a desirable weatherboard cottage with a heritage home feel.

Cost Effective

Having a house transported in WA to your site can save you thousands in construction costs, time and head aches. it could even be the difference between having a house, and not having a house.


Buying a used home or building will not only save time and money, you're also recycling materials and often purchasing a very solid structure. Please take a look through our for sale section.

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