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House Transporting & Relocation

​The Nylund family has been transporting houses throughout Perth and Country Western Australia for over 50 years!  

When it comes to moving houses, there isn't much that Andrew and his team aren't capable of.  Whether it be a new house or a heritage building of 100+ years old, Andrew will find a way to safely move your home (or any building for that matter) to its new location.  We pride ourselves on making sure the highest quality of work is carried out and customer satisfaction throughout the whole process is very important - from cutting to rejoining!

We have state of the art hydraulic trailers that make tight moves far easier and more cost effective than our competitors.  Being able to lift houses over obstacles such as road signs, fences and bollards without excessive cutting or craning saves on time and money for everyone.

Andrew is a qualified carpenter so you can rest easy knowing the finished job will be completed to Australian Standard and to the highest expectation of yourself and Nylund House Transporters.

We have moved houses all distances!  Whether you require your house to be moved 10 meters simply for a better view or to make room, too thousands of kilometers so you can keep enjoying the same place youve called home in Bridgetown for 20 years, when you make a sea change to Broome - we'll be able to organise it stress free for you.

If you have been thinking about having some extra room added to your existing home, we're also able to move pods that we have or haven't constructed.  Speak to your construction company about whether we are able to save you money by transporting for you.

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